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Beyond Ordinary Travel

Find your destination, know your program and make it beyond ordinary travel

About us

Travel With Rovers Pvt Ltd is based in the vibrant heart of New Delhi, India. We specialize in crafting bespoke, meticulously curated boutique tours tailored to individual or group preferences, accommodating diverse needs spanning interests, budgets, durations & so on.

At Travel with Rovers, we pride ourselves on offering a spectrum of tailored experiences, catering to solo adventurers, families seeking memorable getaways, corporations planning team-building excursions, professionals seeking specialized tours, and educators fostering immersive learning journeys. Our commitment lies in delivering not just travel but transformative experiences. We meticulously design each itinerary, blending passion, expertise, and attention to detail to ensure every journey is unique, enriching, and personalized. From culturally immersive adventures to educational escapades, we cater to diverse tastes and preferences, creating unforgettable memories in every destination.

Join us on a journey where exploration meets individuality, and every tour becomes a personal narrative, waiting to be written.






Indian States

Brains in Motion

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Janesh Vijan


Introducing Janesh, architect-turned-explorer extraordinaire! His blueprint for travel involves exploring the unseen, and capturing the world's wonders through a lens, creating picture-perfect adventures.

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Sonakshi Jain


Meet Sonakshi, architect turned travel maven. Her keen eye for design extends to crafting curated experiences, blending research expertise with a knack for curation, creating unforgettable journeys.

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