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School Learning & Adventure Yearning

Know about our USP program

What is SLAY?

The SLAY (Student Learning Adventure Yearning) programme offers school students a comprehensive experiential learning journey encompassing various fields of study including science & technology, art & architecture, history & culture, geography, astronomy, business, economics, language immersion and many more. It aims to ignite students’ curiosity and passion for learning by exposing them to diverse subjects and real-world applications.

It is an exciting educational initiative that aims to redefine the learning experience for students. By combining hands-on exploration with academic rigour, our programme offers students a comprehensive journey of discovery across various fields of study.

For parents & teachers, we understand the importance of providing our children with opportunities to thrive academically, socially & personally. The programme promises to do just that by immersing students in a world of experiential learning, cultural immersion, and career exploration. Together, lets embark on this journey of learning and growth, nurturing the minds of our future leaders and innovators. In addition, the programme also serves as a platform for educators to enhance theoretical classroom education. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, educators can leverage the practical experiences gained through the programme to enrich classroom discussions, inspire critical thinking, and foster a deeper understanding of academic concepts.

Features of SLAY


Expert Guidance

Participants receives mentorship and guidance from experiences educators, industry professionals, local experts who provide valuable insights and support throughout the programme.


Career Insight

Offers insights into potential career paths and areas of specialisation through exposure to various universities, industries, interaction with professionals and so on.


Documentation & Reflection

Learning experiences through various mediums such as journals, blogs, vlogs & multimedia presentations enabling them to reflect on their journey consolidate their learning and track their progress.


Interdisciplinary Exploration

Engage in activities spanning multiple disciplines including science, technology, social science, history, culture, and so on encouraging holistic learning and connections across subjects.


Cultural Immersions

An opportunity for students to dive into diverse cultures, traditions & perspective through cultural activities, interactions with local communities & exploration of historical & cultural landmarks fostering global awareness and appreciation.

Why to choose SLAY?


Hands-on learning experiences beyond the classroom.


Exposure to various academic disciplines & industries.


Insight into potential career paths & specialisations.


Cultural immersion for global awareness & experiences.


Personal growth through new challenges & experiences.


Development of critical thinking & problem-solving skills.


Preparation for future academics & career endeavours.


Interdisciplinary learning opportunities for holistic understanding.


Fun & Memorable educational experiences for lifelong impact.


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Secondary & Higher Secondary School


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Secondary & Higher Secondary School

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